Holiday in Argentina

Tomorrow I will travel for Buenos Aires because my neighbours are going to marry in Argentina. The wedding will be in a small village near the town of Rosario, called Bernardo de Irigoyen.

I am so curious to know how it will be to travel in a different country in Latin America than Colombia. Because these last years  I haven’t had the opportunity to cross Colombia’s borders to go to a neighbour country.

It is strange to live in such a violent country as Colombia, with its war that never stops. Here in the capital, Bogotá, you can lead a relatively quiet life, but it is relative. You always are careful for robbers, cheaters, a bomb now and then (although you cannot protect yourself against that). And there is the political issue.

Colombia is a completely polarized country and therefore you feel a tension all the time. If you are against the government you are a guerrilla and if you are in favour of Uribe you are a paramilitary. But I feel it is riskier to express yourself against the government, here in Bogotá, where the influence of the guerrilla is very small. In other areas, where they are strong, it must be the other way around.

You are very careful not to say controversial things or give delicate information by telephone, because there is a chance that it is intercepted.

You get used to it, but there are times that you need to get out, and say what you like, in whatever circumstance. Freedom of speech, great!

I don’t know if I will keep on blogging from Argentina. Perhaps I will and perhaps it will be fun. Let’s see.


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