Hippopotamuses are killing

There is more news about my favorite subject: drugs lord Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses that live around his former Hacienda Napoles in Colombia. El Tiempo writes that they are killing cattle in order to mark their territory.nijlpaard-0109

Moreover a fisherman told the daily newspaper that he was on the river in his canoe and that a hippo passed only seven meters away under water. The canoe turned upside down and the fisherman had to swim to the river bank.

It seems that they are two: a male and a female, and that they are being chased by a veterinarian and some farmers, who must be very angry because the animals are causing a lot of damage.

The fishermen learned that it is better to go fishing at night now, because the hippos are in the water during daytime.

The authorities plan to catch the animals when the rainy season is over and the river will have gone down. That will be in January of February 2009.

Also read my post After Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses and there you will see a picture of their huge tracks. And have fun with the hippos.


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4 Responses to “Hippopotamuses are killing”

  1. Colombia es pasión « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] read about my passion, the hippopotamus in Colombia. That is also nice news, although it is a heritage of Pablo Escobar. Possibly related posts: […]

  2. Charles Says:

    Leave the Hippos alone! Why can’t the Columbian government see that the Hippos are a good thing left behind by Pablo Escobar. They should leave the land to the animals as they seem to be thriving. They could charge admission.

  3. wiesubags Says:

    Hey Charles, I think that most people want them to survive. But the problem is that they can be a threat to the people who are living in the area. And the people were there first 😉

  4. Colombia tobt over Pablo’s nijlpaarden « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] vandoor, naar verluidt omdat boeren op hem hebben geschoten om hem te verjagen. De streekbewoners hebben te lijden onder de enorme beesten, omdat ze hun oogst vertrappen en hun vee doodmaken. Dat laatste schijnen ze te doen om hun […]

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