Transsexuals sell better than hippopotamuses

Since 10 days I have been blogging and of course I have been very watchful of my STATS.

I have learned many things, for example that it is important to use tags which are like cool or sexy or which arouse curiosity.

I thought that Pablo’s hippopotamuses would create many visits. Wrong.

I thought that the transsexual Zapotecs would make people feel bored. Even more wrong.

That’s why I posted Roberto Escobar’s aids medicine. Bingo!

And now I am in doubt. What should I do? Write comments with tags that arouse curiosity and get many visitors or write about things which I find important and get few visitors? Or a mixture of both?

Because let’s be frank, one starts a blog in order to be more visible. I at least did.

But I also started this blog in order to write things which I can’t write for the media I work for. My idea was small daily life things, things which make me laugh or make me angry, … And now I am trying to sell! I got a tag obsession.

Perhaps it will pass, because I am still a starter, but yes, this troubles me. I appreciate your comments on this.

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