After Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses


Some farmers near the Magdalena River in Colombia found tracks of Pablo Escobar‘s hippopotamuses, as the daily newspaper El Tiempo wrote.

The great drugs boss, who was killed by the police in 1993, loved animals and in his big ranch the Hacienda Napoles he had a zoo. After he was killed and his ranch looted, many animals were handed to zoos, but the government didn’t know what to do with those huge hippos. So they stayed and took over all the hacienda. They were like eleven.

A few years ago, it was said that two of them were thrown out of the group. Apparently the male leader considered them a threat. And so they started wandering through the Magdalena River. Sometimes some fisherman saw  ‘a peculiar tree’ floating in the river, but otherwise little was known about these mammals.

And now it seems they have appeared in the village of Puerto Berrío.

I love this story of Pablo’s hippos.

Watch this You Tube video to know a little more about the story.

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3 Responses to “After Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses”

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    […] read my post After Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamus and there you will see a picture of their huge tracks. And have fun with the […]

  2. Kit Herring Says:

    Now that is cool! Nothing surprises me anymore.

  3. Afscheid van Barranquilla (4) | Freelancers CMS Says:

    […] waar vogels zitten en vissen in zwemmen, waar talloze verhalen over ontstaan zijn, waar nog steeds nijlpaarden van Pablo Escobar in zwemmen, stroomopwaarts, in andere provincies. Waar je gewoon langs moet kunnen lopen mijmeren […]

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