Colombia is getting safer and safer

Some headlines in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant (4th of December 2008): The Dome of the Italian town of Milano was almost attacked by Moroccon terrorists. Fake engineer of the Australian airline Qantas almost caused ten thousands of deaths. The terrorist threat in the Netherlands is bigger than ever.

And then the other recent news: the attacks in Mumbai, the highjacking of ships by Somalian pirats in the Gulf of Aden, chaos in Thailand.

I won’t even speak of Afghanistan, Iraq and Congo.

I am starting to think that safety in my country of residence Colombia, which has a very bad reputation as far as safety is concerned, is increasing: relatively, that has to be said. Because Colombia is not a safe country. There is a war going on and it has lasted for more than 50 years already. You would want that Colombia develops itself in the direction of the rest of the world. But the rest of the world is moving in Colombia’s direction.

I also read that in a few years terrorist organisations will be able to use nuclear weapons. Very frightening of course. But immediately after that I thought that important terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda will not use those weapons in Colombia. Colombia is not interesting for the rest of the world. And Colombia does not have a islamic minority which feels discriminated. (Unless Al-Qaeda sells nuclear weapons to the leftist Colombian guerrilla group FARC, then there is a huge problem).

But for now I feel I am quite OK in this crazy and beautiful country, in its high capital Bogotá, where it is raining cats and dogs, with its Christmas decorations everywhere and its Christmas jingles on the radio and the cruel war far away in the jungle…..


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