Ingrid was here

Ingrid Betancourt, former hostage of the FARC and rescued by the Colombian army in July 2008, left for Europe almost immediately. She was welcomed as a heroine and received several prizes. Chile even proposed her for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I don’t understand.

What did she do what other hostages didn’t do? The only reason for all this is that her family has money and knows how to lobby.

She came back to Colombia on the 29th of November and left the 30th. And now she is on tour in Latin America to thank other countries for what they did in order to get the hostages free. What did they do? And to ask their help to get the hostages who still are being held by the FARC free. Will it help?

Other former hostages stayed in Colombia and silently are trying to get negotiations with the FARC started and stop this endless war. I believe that is more efficient. But they will not get prizes and will not be received by presidents in the region. Does it matter?


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